You Are What You Think (Cognitive Therapy)

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Cognitive Changes

Belief -> consequence

Albert Ellis
Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)

Antecedent -> Belief -> Consequence (ABC)

Irrational Beliefs: beliefs that lead to harmful consequences

Negative Self Talk

Positive Self Talk

Coaching Self Talk:

Tell yourself how to behave

Calming Self Talk: tell  yourself to calm down

Coaching Self Talk

  • Use "I" statements
  • Take responsibilities for your actions
  • Breaking tasks down
  • Don't overgeneralize
  • Don't should on yourself  instead say "I choose"  or "I want"
  • Use present tense for positives, past tense for negative
  • Don't say don't

Calming Self Talk

  • Breathe
  • I have been able to do this before
  • Relax
  • Think of another time when you were successful

Self statements: reflections of your beliefs

You are what you think.

Existential Therapy
Deals with Existenial Awareness: the awareness that you have a limited time on Earth and that you are responsible for what you do

At what age are you going to die? 100
Subtract Current Age:                    -46
This gives you years to live:             54
Multiply by 365.25
This gives you days to live: 19,723

Multiply by 24
This gives you hours to live: 473,364

Multiply by 60
This gives you minutes to live: 28 million


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