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Homework PSYC 3240

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  1. Adjustment (in-class):  write 1-2 pages on things that you have to adjust to in your life right now.
  2. Complaints: In two columns list the complaints you have and the things you are doing about them.
  3. Existential Awareness (in-class).
    1. Minutes to live
    2. Time Usage.
      1. Life Goal.
      2. What doing to achieve it?
      3. What would you do differently if you knew you were going to die in one year?
      4. What would you do differently if you knew you would die in 24 hours?
    3. Obituary


  4. Observation: Observe somebody you do not know for 15 minutes.  In 1-2 pages (5 pts)
    1. Describe what you observed  
    2. Describe what you inferred about their personality from their behavior.
  5. Who Am I (in-class)(5 pts) 

    Anything else you use to identify who you are:
    When you are telling someone about your life, when are you animated and enthusiastic?
    Goal for Next Week:
    Goal for 5 years:
    Lifetime Goal:
    Personal Mission Statement:

    My purpose in life is to .....
    To achieve this I use ..... skills, abilities and talents which I possess.

    Using principles of good goals rewrite the above three goals:

    Goal for Next Week:

    Goal for 5 years:

    Lifetime Goal:

    Write a To Do list for the up coming week. With at least:

    Three A priorities (relate to your values):

    Three B priorities (must be done by you):

    Three C priorities (could be done by someone else or could be postponed):

    List your number one value:

    List three lifetime goals that relate to that value:


  6. Decision Making (in-class)(1 points) for one decision you have to make, choose two options, then:

    Do a matrix for each of the options.


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