Homework Not Assigned PSYC 3240

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  1. Self-talk statement (in-class):
    1. Write a self-statement which is harmful to you
    2. Write a counter statement using coaching self talk.
    3. Write a counter statement using calming self talk.
  2. Groundhog Day.  Write at least  2 pages  on:
    1. If you could relive a day over and over:
      1. Which day would it be?
      2. What would you differently?
    2. If you could change anything about yourself instantaneously, what would it be?

  3. Matching and Mirroring.  Observe a couple interacting for 15 minutes.  In one page, describe how the were or were not matching and mirroring and whether or not they seemed to have rapport.


  4. Metaprograms Personality Profile (in-class)
  5. Metaphor: write a 1-2 page story which will help someone solve a problem by using an analogous situation.
    1. State what the problem you are trying to help solve.
    2. The metaphor should have the following structure:
      1. Far away -- so close
      2. Set up analogous problem.
      3. Go see a master.
      4. Master gives solution.
      5. Happily ever after.


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