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Everything You Do In Life is a Game

Four Pillars of Winning Any Game You Play in Life

Integrity: Being your word

Relationships: In any game, relationships are a key ingredient

Existence: Keeping Possibilities alive.  Possibilities live in conversations between people, not in you hear.  If the conversation is happening in your head, then it does not exist in the world

Enrollment: You can have ANY Possibility in your life in which you enroll others.

Conversation for Relationship: A conversation with no agenda.

Conversation for Enrollment: Move, Touch, and Inspire

Conversation for Registration: Other person asks to be involved

LE Game

Curriculum for Living



SELP (Self Expression and Leadership Program)


Three Days Plus an Evening

10 week seminar

Unlimited access to volunteers to keep your possibility in existence

Approximately 75 hours of instruction.


Less than the price of a movie on an hourly basis!
(And a lot more entertaining and transforming!)

$100 deposit to reserve space

Transferable to another forum

Ready to register? Call 513-758-1484, Landmark Cincinnati

Conversation in your head

One area of your life you wish you could change.

What is missing in your life, the presence of which would make a difference?

Tell me one new way of being you would like.

Living into the future


Music Stand   

Living so the constraints of the past no longer are in your future

What is keeping you from living new way of being?

Strong suits.



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