Do You Know What I Did Last Summer?

"When I am on stage, people don't want to see me.  They want better than me." - Chris Rock

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  1. Every Psychologist Should Take an Acting Course
  2. What I Did Last Summer
    • UnSeam'd Shakespeare Company
    • Massage at their rehearsals
  3. What I Learned Last Summer

    The Process of Theater Compared to Life

    Process of Theater  You
    Select best person for the part You
    Script with stage directions Make it  up as you go
    Director watches and gives you feedback on how to improve Figure it out as you go
    Practice it over and over again Only one chance
    Performance is still not perfect You are doing a pretty good job with what you have to work with

  4. Into the Light
    • Cirque Du Soleil - Alegria

      When you cross the line into the light, you leave the remainder of your life behind. You live your life the other 22 hours a day, but when you step into the light that all goes away and you are there just for the audience

    • Vomit
    • Looked like he had done it forever
    • You can change who you are at least for the important performances of your daily life
    • Change Emotion in an Instant and look like you had been that way forever: Thunderstorm / Calm
    • "When I am on stage, people don't want to see me.  They want better than me." - Chris Rock

Guest Speaker: I could not teach you how to change the way you act; so, I brought in a professional.








Laura Smiley

  • Artistic and Executive Director of UnSeam'd Shakespeare company
  • Networking Example
    • Debbie
    • Caroline
    • Laura
    • 4 degrees of separation between Laura and Herself via RMU
  • Highly effective person model

The Performance: Job Interview

Voice Exercise

Body Posture


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