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Discrete control
Continuous control

Control Resistance

  • Elastic: proportional to displacement (springs)
    • returns to neutral
    • deadman control
  • Frictional
    • static friction
      • friction between two stationary objects
      • hard to get moving
      • used in discrete controls
    • sliding friction
      • friction between two moving objects
      • continues during movement
      • used in continuous controls
    • rolling friction
      • friction between an object rolling over another
      • the point of contact is stationary for an instant (not slipping) as the object moves
      • mouse 
  • Viscous
    • through fluid
    • friction proportional to velocity squared
    • smooths out motion, high frequency movements (vibration) are removed
    • used in high vibration environment
  • Inertial
    • friction proportional to mass of object
    • revolving door, flywheel


  • Compensatory display
    • cursor stationary
    • target moves
    • kinesthetic
  • Pursuit display
    • cursor moves
    • target may or may not move
    • cognitive
Tracking Strategies
  • Anticipation
  • Following
  • Dither: small control movement around neutral
Hand vs Foot

Hand: Fine motor movements, your feet are doing something else

Foot: Strength, your hands are doing something else

Predictor display: use if there is time lag in system
    Submarine, nuclear power plant

Control/Display ratio: For every system there is an optimal control display ratio

  • Control Movement/Display Movement
  • small C/D = High Sensitivity (sports car)
  • large C/D = Low Sensitivity (family sedan)

Order of control (from derivative of position with respect to time)

  • Zero (position)
  • First (velocity)
  • Second (acceleration)
  • Third (jerk)

Hard for the human brain to work with anything other than zero or first order of control.



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