Visual: Clock screen, cell phone digital display, computer icon, power indicator, crt on test equipment, schedule
    Auditory: backup warning signal, Phone ring, smoke alarm, voice displays, switchboard beep, pager
    Kinesthetic: bow-flex, Light switch position, joystick
    Tactile: Key identification, braille, - identification, shape of knobs and switches
    Olfactory: Natural gas, coal mine, food, burning
    Gustatory: food, children's medicine, sour milk, bitter chemicals on nails
    Whole-body movement: roller coaster elevator,
    Vibration: flat tire, massager, pager, rumble strips,
    Pain: wireless fence, stun gun, hot surface, electric fence

    Visual: monitor,road sign, tv screen, overhead projector screen, billboards, shelf tags,
    Auditory:phone ringer, speakers, car horn
    door bell, megaphone,
    Tactile: braille, hot stove, mouse button, electric socket,
    Kinesthetic:belt on a treadmill, clutch, keyboard,
    Olfactory:natural gas, coffeee brewing, perfume, baking, food
    Gustatory:taste, sour, bitter
    Whole body movement: escalator, roller coaster, elevator
    Vibration:foot massager, pulse, pager, tatoo machine,


    Visual: colors on stop light, billboard, speedometer, book, newspapers,  computer screen, television screen,

    Auditory: radio speakers, backup alarm on truck, telephone ringer, speech, elevator bell, door bell, horn

    Tactile: braille, shape of buttons on remote, heat from stove or iron, identification of animals by touching skin, pain

    Kinesthetic: location of furniture in room, location of keys on keyboard,  dui test, light switch position , key hole location, stick shift, joystick controls, gas pedal position,

    Olfactory: smoke, perfume, food, natural gas,  diaper

    Gustatory: food, flavor, bitter warning, medicine,

    Whole body movement: dancing, strength testing, sports, roller coaster, sports cars,  elevator, earthquake

    Vibration: pager,  sound less than 20 hz, flat tire, rumble strips, simulation, fishing,


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