Job Element: smallest practical division of work
Job Task: discrete unit of work done by an individual
Job Duty: individual's key work outcomes
Position: most elemental unit of work in organization
Job: closely related positions, independent of context
Job Family: grouping of jobs on related factor
Occupation: work with common content (DOT)
Career: a pathway within a specific industry or profession

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Job Description

  • Job Title
  • Job Duties and Tasks
       Duty 1 - Tasks
       Duty 2 - Tasks
       Etc. ....
  • Physical Work Conditions - description of work location and physical strength, size requirements (p. 191)
  • Interpersonal Interaction - who do you interact with?  Customers?  Supervisors? what percent of the time? (p. 191)
  • Structural Job Characteristics - how the job fits into the company, criticality, routine vs challenging work, pace, scheduling (p. 191)
  • Job Conditions - salary, benefits, hours, breaks, vacation other requirements
Job Specifications (KSAO's necessary to do the job)
  • Use to write application form, selection criteria
  • If it is in the job description, it needs to be in the job specification.
  • If it is in the job specification, it needs to be in the job description.

Group Project, In Class

1. Perform a job analysis of the job of one of your group members.  Use the individual interview method.
2. Write up a job description and job specification for that job.



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