Presentation Hints

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Computer Presentation Suggestions

  • One group member does the presentation.  Another introduces the presenter.
  • Use a Sans Serif Font like Arial or Univers
  • Title page
    • Title
    • Team members names
    • Presenter first
    • Others in alphabetical order or by amount of work they contributed
    • Team name
    • Don't use the word "By"
    • Have it on screen while speaker is introduced
  • Last slide should be a summary of key points

Introduction Suggestions

  • Stand in middle of the room.
  • Say who you are and what your major is.
  • Say who the person is and the presenters qualifications.
  • Learn to do it without notes.
  • Have eye contact with audience.
  • At end, Introducer says, "Are there any questions?" and "Thank You".


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