Principles of Workspace Design

1. Importance (Safety): most important thing is the easiest to get at.  Usually has to do with safety.

2. Frequency of Use:  The most frequently used things should be easiest to get at.

3. Function:  Things with similar function are placed together

4. Link Analysis:  Things that are frequently used together are placed next to each other.

5. Sequence of Use: If the task is done in a sequence, the workspace should be laid out sequentially.

6.  Lysandra's principle: Lay out the equipment so people are not bumping into each other.

Group Project: Apply these six principles to the design of a Kitchen
Audience:  home owner

  1. Describe the design
  2. Show how each of the  principles was used in the design.
  3. You will have to make trade-offs in these principles.  Explain what the trade-offs were.
1. Verbal Presentation:  
    a. Document Camera or Powerpoint or other computer presentation.
    b. 2 - 3 minutes 

2. Written Proposal to homeowner explaining how the design fits the five criteria.


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